Maria Art Gallery
Original Custom Art

Local artist of

Vancouver Island

 Have you ever had an idea for a painting? Just could not find the right art piece for a room? Wanted to make a thoughtful gift for someone special? I am here so that we can work together to create something special for you.

The process:

You have a wish, an idea or a vision, perhaps. You talk to me, explain your desire, maybe even present me with an image (Google images work best). We discuss the size, medium and agree on a price. After a deposit, I sketch it, send you a picture, we discuss the result and make an occasional change to what I was creating. I adjust my sketch, draw, and send you the picture of the finished product. After payment is received I will send the piece to you via UPS. Once it arrives you say “wow”, or perhaps the masterpiece will leave you speechless. After coming back to reality you will decide to tell all your friends of this astonishing artist who created this painting for you. Everyone lives happily  ever after .